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Please see information below if you are contacting Fido Fixers about spaying or neutering your pet.  You will need to contact thgroup in your area directly.  

If you are interested in freshly made organic skin care products made for humans benefitting Fido Fixers please contact or visit our website at


Please note Fido is currently working in Memphis, TN, Columbia, SC. and Eastern TN. Please contact the group closest to your area directly. Fido Fixers does not do any scheduling and does not quote pricing on behalf of our partners listed below.

If you are in the Memphis TN area please contact:
Megan Toeller

Humane Society of Memphis & Shelby County

901-496-2814 (cell)

901-937-3903 (office)

If you are in the Columbia, SC area please contact:
The Humane Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals
Phone: 803-783-1267
Alternate email:

If you are in the Eastern TN area please contact:

Spay Neuter Is Provided In Tennesee (SNIP-IT)


Phone: 865-888-6738  or (865-888-6PET) to request an appointment


 All other inquires please fill out form below.