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About Us

Susan Maounis, Lisa Wysocki and Suzanne Steinberg developed the original concept of Fido Fixers Inc. in late 2011 as a result of their years of experience working with not-for-profit dog and cat rescue organizations.  They became increasingly frustrated with the seemingly never-ending supply of unwanted pets existing in high-kill shelters, especially in the southeastern part of the United States. They realized that while there are many groups who work tirelessly to rescue these wonderful creatures, sadly many highly adoptable dogs and cats are left behind to suffer and eventually be euthanized.


Susan, Lisa and Suzanne became convinced that the most important action they could take to try to end this senseless abuse and loss of life and was to begin a spay and neuter program in the counties with the worst dog and cat overpopulation problems. Their vision is to use a spay and neuter mobile unit and to work in partnership with other rescue groups to set up low cost or no cost clinics. They will focus on the areas that have the highest kill rate  to put an end to this terrible cycle of anguish.


Susan, Lisa and Suzanne are not, and will not, receive any compensation for their work as Directors of Fido Fixers Inc.  At this point in time Fido Fixers Inc. is made up entirely of volunteers.

What You Can Do To Help

Fido Fixers needs volunteers to assist in a myriad of activities including fundraising, organizing our annual benefit, and working with other animal rescue groups as partners to coordinate spay and neuter events. Please consider donating some of your time to help us prevent animal overpopulation.

Donations are needed to support our work especially since we receive no public funds. The Directors of Fido Fixers Inc. and its volunteers will conduct all fund raising activities. No third parties will be used or retained for fund raising activities for Fido Fixers Inc.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation to Fido Fixers Inc.,  P.O. Box 4801, Greenwich, CT 06831